Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni calls Jasmin Bhasin ‘his magic muffins’

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Aly Goni tells Jasmin Bhasin to bake his favorite magic muffins right after the show ends.

After the captaincy task, it’s time for the housemates to relax and chill. Some housemates talk about the aftermath while others try to entertain and lighten the mood. In a recent Extra Masala clip, Aly Goni tells Jasmin Bhasin to bake magic muffins.

The clip begins with Jasmin and Aly teasing each other with cute nicknames. Jasmin calls Aly ‘ a doll’ while Aly calls her ‘magic muffins.’ Aly recalls that the last time she had magic muffins was during ‘Khatro Ke Khiladi,’ and he couldn’t eat because he was sick.


He says that he stopped eating sweets because of his diet plan during a web series. Further, he compliments and says that she bakes the best muffins. Jasmin says that she learned to bake healthy muffins without wheat flour, butter, and sugar. Aly laughs and says it’s of no use in making those muffins because he only wants magic muffins.

Later, Jasmin says that she has even tried making muffins with oats, bananas, and honey. She adds that magic muffins are unhealthy because it contains lots of sugar and butter, but, she will try making them. She further adds that she will add jam in the muffin so that when they eat, it squeezes out. Aly still says he wants magic muffins.

He teases her and says he informed her about the online recipe. Jasmin counters him and says that in lockdown, she made different types of cakes by herself, and he liked it.

Further, Jasmin and Aly get into cute banter. Later, Aly demands that he needs her to bake magic muffins right after the show ends.