Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni and Shardul Pandit imitate Rahul Vaidya’s acting

In an Extra Masala clip, Aly Goni and Shardul Pandit recreate singer Rahul Vaidya’s acting.

In Bigg Boss house, it is rare to see all the housemates having fun together, laughing and making fun of each other. In a recent Extra Masala clip, we can see Aly Goni recreating singer Rahul Vaidya‘s acting in the house.

The clip begins with Jasmin Bhasin, Aly Goni and Shardul Pandit excitedly telling fellow contestant Rubina Dilaik about Rahul who tried his hand at acting. Shardul explains the scene to Rubina and then goes on to imitate Rahul’s acting with Nikki Tamboli. While Shardul tried to imitate Rahul, Aly imitated Nikki saying, “Muh kala karake aayi hu,” which sent everyone in the room into fits of laughter.


Then Aly went on to recreate his scene with Rahul where they both were brothers. While he imitated Rahul’s acting, it was his impression of Nikki saying, “yeh kaun hai? kaha se aate hai yeh log” that sent everyone laughing.

Later, Shardul revealed that when he went to comfort a demotivated Rahul, the singer stated that “Mein jitna accha singer hu utna accha actor bhi hu.” The video ends with Aly jokingly saying that he will blame the singer for losing sleep at night.