Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni and Rubina Dilaik talk about the fitness of their parents

Rubina and Aly talk about the level of parents fitness, and homes.


Aly Goni, Rubina Dilaik, and Abhinav Shukla are good friends in the Bigg Boss house. While talking about the fitness level of their parents. Rubina Dilaik told Aly Goni how her father and grandmother still work like teenagers in their village house.


In the extra masala clip, Aly told that his father is fit. Listening to all the conversations going on, Sonali asked Rubina, “Apke papa-mummy Bhi patle hai naa?”. Abhinav replied that his father-in-law is too fit and said, “iske daddy is super fit” and also told a story about Rubina’s father that he used to carry two buckets of water to the house every day.

Rubina said that his grandmother is also the same, she wanders like a teenager in the six-storey house, in Shimla. Sonali further asked more about her home and said, “Shimla me hai apka ghar?” Rubina replied that her actual village is 120 stairs above the valley, Kurfi, from where she originally belongs.

Further, Rubina said they have two houses, one in Shimla and another one in their village and before coming to BB house they lived there for 3 months.