Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni and Kavita Kaushik get into ugly spat

Aly Goni gets into verbal spat with Kavita Kaushik as the former threatens her, “Mein tera jeena haram kar dunga”.

Bigg Boss 14: Ab scene paltega has now entered it’s 8th week. This week started with a high voltage of drama and arguements in the nominations. Kavita Kaushik‘s decision to save Eijaz Khan and nominate Aly Goni had shocked the housemates and the audience. 

However, the week took turn, when Kavita, being the captain, is given special power by Bigg Boss to punish anyone who she thinks is breaking rules in the house. Kavita can snatch away any personal belonging of any housemate and throw in the garbage bin kept in the garden.

In the promo, after Bigg Boss decides them to teach discipline, Kavita is seen discussing with Nikki Tamboli as the latter says to snatch Aly’s trimmer because he has given Pavitra Punia a cadbury. Aly disagrees while Kavita throws in the garbage bin.

Their disagreement takes a ugly turn when Kavita says to Aly, “Mein tera baap hu”. After this statement, Aly loses his cool and topples house property. All the housemates are seen trying to control Aly but he doesn’t stop. Aly is seen rushing towards the garbage bin and pushes it down and it hits Kavita. He yells at her and says, “Mein tera jeena haram kar dunga”.

Kavita who is physically hurt, appeals to Bigg Boss to intervene in this matter and to get her out of the house.

What decision Bigg Boss would against Aly’s action? Would it lead to Aly’s action get him evicted?

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