Bigg Boss 14: All the contestants turn against Rakhi Sawant

In the recent promo clip, all the contestants are seen uniting against Rakhi Sawant

The chill phase of the Bigg Boss house is over, and it seems the calm before the storm was actually very true, as the havoc has just started to become visible. It’s the New Year’s Eve party and contestants are already seen fighting.

‘JULIE KA BADLA’ was a task assigned to the contestants this week. It was the task for the race of captaincy. Rakhi Sawant and Rahul Mahajan are in the key-role of the task. The task in the Bigg Boss house seems to start on a good note but ends ugly.


In the latest promo video, Rakhi Sawant is been accused of the way she is playing the task. She is accused of tearing clothes and doing whatnot. To which she says, “Mujhe kuch bhi karne ke liye bola hai.” Aly Goni is seen being done with the way Rakhi is playing the role of ‘Julie’.

New Year is upon us, and the Bigg Boss house is in full-works to embrace 2021. Let us hope it goes the way it is supposed to be.