Bigg Boss 14: Abhinav Shukla talks about his uncle, and recollects his childhood memories

Abhinav Shukla talks about his uncle and shares how he used to drop him at school on his bicycle every day.

Childhood memories have been the unsung theme of the Bigg Boss house currently. Abhinav Shukla is seen talking about his childhood with Rubina Dilaik. He talks about the cycle of life and keeps reminiscing about his childhood. He shares a tale of when his uncle used to take him to school on his bicycle, that he had his own small seat over the front fork. When he used to crib about going to school, his uncle used to give him an ‘elaichi ‘ flavoured toffee, so he won’t cry about going to school.

He connects his story of ‘The cycle of life’ by telling Rubina that his uncle is old now and that now Abhinav Shukla himself has become the ‘chacha’. Rubina continues by saying, “Everyone must have kids to have an evolvement in their lives, your life evolves, it’s a complete circle that repeats itself time and again.”


It is refreshing to see all the contestants being teary-eyed over their childhood stories, and not fighting and arguing for once.