Bigg Boss 14: Abhinav Shukla opens up his passion for trail biking to Eijaz Khan

In Bigg Boss 14, every day is full of surprises, drama, arguments, fights, and emotions. There are rare moments where all the housemates sit together, relax, and talk about various things. In a recent Extra Masala clip, During conversation with Eijaz Khan, Abhinav Shukla expresses his passion for trail biking and also narrates an incident regarding it.

The clip begins with Abhinav apraising Eijaz about the trail biking and says that trails suspension, chain set all are of superior quality and you felt very comfortable over it. He narrates an incident where he went on trail biking at downhills at the speed of 30-40Km/hr, then suddenly two kids rode along with their mother passed him at high speed.
Abhinav explains he was shocked by seeing them and also says that they looked so confident. On this Rubina says that anyway US people have a different lifestyle from them.
Eijaz says that “Unke waha aise ghar hi hote unke bungalow or society k bahar dekho toh har taraf mountains hai”, Abhinav nodded over this.
Later in the conversation, Rubina explains that one of her sister lives in Canada, “their lifestyles includes huge public parks, speak in spans, swimming pools and every area has their own pool, own activity area and everybody is focused on a health lifestyle” she added.
Rubina and Eijaz also discuss that their people living there have dinner upto 5pm and are indulged in some physical activities right from 5am.
Abhinav also added that “han main ek dost ke saath rehta tha wo mujhe 6-7 baje shaam ko khila ka sula deta tha aur subah 5 bje uthkr kaam suru”.