Bigg Boss 14: Abhinav Shukla mocks Nikki Tamboli by imitating her

In the recent Extra Masala clip, we see Abhinav Shukla channel his inner Nikki Tamboli as he imitates her.

In Bigg Boss house, we often see the moments where the contestants are fighting and screaming at each other. It is very rare to see all of them sit together and laugh their hearts out. In an Extra Masala clip, we see the housemates cheering on Abhinav Shukla as he imitates Nikki Tamboli.

The clip starts with Pavitra Punia asking Abhinav to imitate Nikki when she wakes up in the morning. Nikki is seen very excited to see it and suggests they both do it together. While Abhinav is getting ready to imitate her, Shardul Pandit volunteers to sing the song. As he starts singing, Abhinav gets up and starts to imitate Nikki’s morning dance making everyone laugh.


Pavitra states that only Abhinav can imitate Nikki. Then Jaan Kumar Sanu requests an imitation of Nikki dancing to the siren, Abhinav mimics Nikki’s way of talking saying, “Arey tumko kya lena hai, mere ko nai jamta hai. Tum apna karo. Mein apna karungi.”

Shardul then reveals that while he was cleaning the dishes with Nikki he was shocked when she admitted that she liked Abhinav now. Abhinav while still mimicking Nikki said that it was bound to happen which sent everyone into laughter once again. Shardul pointed out that if Abhinav knew about this earlier, he would have danced with Nikki and not Rubina.

The clip ends with Rubina saying that they both will be dancing to the siren which makes all of them laugh once again.