Bigg Boss 14: Abhinav Shukla has THIS advice for Jaan Kumar Sanu about bodybuilding

When Bigg Boss 14 contestant Jaan Kumar Saanu grows conscious about his triceps, Abhinav Shukla advises him about bodybuilding.

The Bigg Boss 14 contestants are glamorous personalities. The showbiz requires them to stay fit and in decent shape. With no contact with the outer world, contestants sometimes turn to each other for conversations about such topics.

In an extra masala video on Voot, we see Jaan Kumar Sanu asking for bodybuilding tips from Abhinav Shukla. Jaan asks Abhinav that usually, he can see the ‘cut’ of his tricep, but when he starts exercising, the cut disappears.


Abhinav clears his doubt and says that the cut does not appear during exercise anyway. Further sharing some knowledge, Abhinav says, “Kabhi bhi contest hota hai usse pehle ek do din workout nahi karte bodybuilders aur salt zero kar dete hai (1 or 2 days before a contest, bodybuilders don’t exercise and stop their salt intake).” He informs Jaan that if you stop exercising for 2-3 days, the swelling reduces and the cut becomes visible.

Rubina Dilaik, meanwhile, jokingly advises Jaan to stop working for two days before Weekend Ka Vaar, so that he looks better on that day. Abhinav also offers to create the cut using makeup for Jaan. Rubina and Abhinav laugh and carry on the conversation while Jaan exercises around them.