Bigg Bos 15: Rakhi Sawant breaks down after Karan Kundrra reads her secret; Nishant Bhat and Umar Riaz laugh at her

In the recent episode a task about revealing secrets was played. Karan Kundrra reads Rakhi’s secret. Rakhi Sawant breaks down. Nishant Bhat and Umar Riaz laugh.

The latest episode of Bigg Boss 15 featured a unique task in which the contestants shared a few secrets about their lives, and the other housemates had to guess who divulged which secret. Karan Kundrra’s time came up, and he read out a secret regarding Rakhi Sawant’s life. Rakhi apologized to her mother for telling her father’s secret about his marriage to two women while describing the secret about her life.
She added that her mother never intended for the secret to be divulged in public, but she has done so. While explaining the secret, she became upset and began weeping her eyes out.
“I am truly sorry, mom,” Rakhi said. “Mujhe nahi batana tha kabhi, mom ne kaha tha, ye raaz joh hai, unke saath he jaayega. Mom ne tab unhone mujhe bataya tha jab papa heart attack se expire hone waale the…. I am sorry, mama, but mujhe batana nahi tha.”

Rashami Desai, Nishant Bhatt, Abhijeet Bichukale, and Umar Riaz, who were also seated in the garden area, were giggling uncontrollably. They hurriedly entered the house. Rashami questioned Nishant if he could contain his laughter when they burst out laughing. “We know this is sad,” Rashami said, laughing. “Please forgive us.”

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