Anupamaa updates: Anuj and Shurti’s wedding news shatters Anu, will she be able to move on with her past?

The upcoming episodes of Rupali Ganguly starrer Anupamaa are going to be dazzling. It seems like the audience will get to witness some tragic moments. During Anu’s birthday celebration, Anuj will arrive with Shruti at the restaurant. Shruti will give a card to Anu, inviting her to their wedding.

This piece of news would shock Anu to her core. She will be shattered watching Anuj and Shruti’s wedding preparations. Despite her inner turmoil, Anupamaa will try to focus on her career and professional life. As Anu has a tea masala brand in her name, it will be exciting to witness her running a business.


But here’s some good news for MaAn fans as they will get to witness Anu and Anuj together one last time. Both of them will decide to meet someplace and Anuj will ask Anu to wear a gajra.

Anu will be faced with another catastrophic situation when Yashdeep confesses his feelings for her. Yashdeep, who has grown close to her during her time in the US will admit his love for her. This will leave Anu in utter shock and pain. She might even decide to quit working at the restaurant.

Even Aadhya will meet with Anu and ask her to not cause any nuisance during her father’s wedding. She wants the wedding to go smoothly and wouldn’t bear any inconvenience caused by Anu. In this heart-breaking situation, Anu will find solace in Bapuji. He will advise her to move on with her past and live with dignity.

The upcoming episodes are going to be filled with intense drama and suspense. Will Anu be able to mend her broken heart and move past this shocking news? It will be intriguing to witness how Anu will navigate her way ahead.