Anupamaa upcoming twist: Anuj’s growing concern for Anu makes Aadhya take a big step- Here’s what we know

Anupamaa serial is creating non-stop buzz over the internet. The serial is giving in some intense drama and suspense and fans are in for all the fun. Anuj is still unable to move on with Anupamaa. Even after moving to the US with Aadhya and Shurti, he hasn’t forgotten about Anu. He feels deeply for her and is always concerned about her. This has made Aadhya all the more vulnerable and she has decided to go to India and stay back in an orphanage.

In the recent episodes, we saw that Anu is completely shattered at hearing Spice and Chutney getting closed. Anuj will come to Anu’s rescue and will try to help Yashdeep. Though, he would do it unanimously. This will boost Anu’s spirit and she will focus on winning the Master Chef competition. As Spice and Chutney restaurant is Anu’s home, she would do anything in her power to save it from being closed.


It will also be showcased that the Shah family will move back to India while Anu will continue to stay in the US. She will pursue her dreams and will be adamant about achieving her dreams.

Meanwhile, Aadhya has decided to move back to India due to his father Anuj’s sheer obsession with Anupamaa. After getting to know about Aadhya’s decision, Anuj will also get back to India and get settled there. It will be interesting to witness if Aadhya will go to the orphanage in actuality. And with Anuj getting settled in India, will that be an end for Anu and Anuj’s story forever?

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