Anupamaa upcoming twist: Aadhya threatens to kill herself, asks Anu to leave Anuj forever- Read details here   

Anupamaa show has shown some major drama and chaos in the recent episodes. Since Anu came back to India for Dimpy and Titu’s wedding, there have been many melodramatic scenes. Anuj called off his wedding with Shruti  when he got to know that she ruined Anupamaa’s career. Aadhya is furious at Anu as she came between Shruti and Anuj.

Anuj and Aadhya were supposed to back to America, however Aadhya fell sick and they had to wait till she recovered. Meanwhile, Vanraj is concerned about getting the NOC signed. Toshu, Pakhi and Vanraj are keen on selling the Shah house and turning it into a penthouse.


Vanraj asks Anupamaa to sign on the NOC. But Anupamaa refuses saying that she won’t sign it until Baa and Bapuji are back in the house. Vanraj gets furious at her and they both get into an argument. Anuj defends Anu and takes a stand for her. Aadhya is present there watching the scene. She gets annoyed when Anuj sides with Anu.

In the upcoming episode, Aadhya will confront Anu and ask her to leave Anuj forever. If she can do anything for them, Aadhya tells her to walk away from their lives. Aadhya then theatrens Anu that if she doesn’t leave then, she will kill herself. Anu feels guilty and decides to walk away for Aadhya’s happiness.

Anu promises to Aadhya that she will never return in their lives. Will this be an end to Anuj and Anu’s love story?

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