Anupamaa star Rupali Ganguly recalls experiencing labour pain for over 9 hours – READ

Rupali Ganguly recently opened up about being informed she would never be able to conceive. However, the actress later confesses what happened and when she did.

Rupali Ganguly, called the nation’s favourite ‘Anupamaa,’ is a loving mom to her 10-year-old son. The actress has frequently spoken about combining work and parenthood, and how her husband, Ashwin, has been immensely supportive during this process.

The actress, who is now a devoted mother, was previously warned that she would be unable to conceive naturally and would need to use IVF or different methods. However, she recalls the moment when she conceived naturally and describes how delighted she was while facing labour pain.


Talking about the same to India Forums, the Anupamaa actress said, ”For a lot of years, doctors told me that I cannot conceive and that I would have to undergo the IVF or other procedures. However, when I conceived Rudransh naturally, I always wanted a normal delivery. It was because I wanted to experience labour pain. Every minute of my labor pain was precious. You know how when you are told that you will never get something but then you finally get it, so you want to cherish it wholeheartedly. The same happened with me, I was cherishing every moment ever since the labor pain started at around 11 am in the morning. I reached breach candy hospital at around 8 in the evening. When I got my first labor pain there, I was so happy, I was ecstatic. Pehli bar kisi ne dekha hoga ke aurat ro bhi rahi hai aur hass bhi rahi hai. It was because maine kabhi socha nahi tha ke main labour pain experience karungi, so I was very very happy and very touched that god has given me this opportunity to experience this feeling.”

Further, when asked about meeting her son Rudrash for the first time, Rupali replied, ”Jab Rudransh ko pehli bar dekha, ye toh love at first sight ke bhi pehle wala love tha. Pehli bar dekhte hi pyaar hojana kisey kehte hai? That happened to me when I saw Rudransh for the first time.”


Rupali has now become a household name in India and around the world as a result of her role as Anupamaa. The actress just entered politics, joining the BJP.