Anupamaa plot twist: What?? Shruti to make Anu and Anuj remarry on her wedding day- Here’s what we know

Anupamaa show is going through an intense saga of love, loss and heartbreak. The last episode was emotional, leaving the audience grieving for Anu and Anuj. Their last meeting sequence was heart-wrenchingly beautiful. Fans hailed the actors’ exceptional performance in the scene. The viewers are left awestruck by the recent chain of events.

Anuj tells Shruti that she shouldn’t have told Anu about their marriage on her birthday. Shruti confronts about her inner emotions and insecurities. She and Anuj both talk about the situation at hand. However, it seems like Shruti is on a quest to make Anuj fall in love with her.


The upcoming episodes are going to be shocking as well as thrilling for the same time. Shruti will do something that will change Anu and Anuj’s fate forever. Shruti, who is now seen as a negative character causes a rift between Anu and Anuj. She will be the one making Anuj and Anupamaa remarry. She will make both of them understand that they are meant for each other. Shruti will convince them that they are inseparable.

Shruti will also make Aadhya understand that Anu is not a bad person. She will say that Anu never tried to put her last and leave her alone. Shruti will state that Anu loves Aadhya deeply.

As the last episode showcased the ultimate goodbye between Anu and Anuj, fans are left thinking if it’s the end. However, it will be a startling moment when they realize Shruti doing the unexpected. It will be interesting to witness how Anu and Anuj will react to this. Will they confess their feelings and remarry? Or will it make them part ways forever?