Anupamaa plot twist: Baa & Bapuji to go missing? Anu finds her inspiration to open an old-age house- Here’s why  

Anupamaa show is yet again going for a leap. Yes, you read it right. The show recently underwent a five-year-leap after a massive fallout between Anuj and Anuj. It is shown that Anu leaves everything behind and goes to the US to pursue her dreams. However, her last never seems to part away from her. There she will meet with Anuj and Aadhya once again.

Anu came back to India for Dimpy and Titu’s wedding and faced many revelations. She even stated that she has feelings for Anuj, which made him chase her even more passionately. In the new promo, it was shown that Anu opens up an old-age home for needy and helpless people. While Anuj ends up in a mental asylum due to his deteriorating health. Anuj gets traumatized when Anu leaves him once again.


In the upcoming episode of Anupamaa show, it is shown that Vanraj has decided to convert the Shah house into a penthouse. His decision has come as a shock to many. When Kavya learns about this, she asks for her share to safeguard a better future for her and her daughter. Baa and Bapuji overhear their entire conversation. They are startled by Vanraj’s decision.

Baa and Bapuji leave the house as they are afraid that Vanraj will throw them out of the house. Baa and Bapuji’s absence will make everyone even more tense. Anu and Anuj will go on a search mission to find them. They will eventually come across them and find them in a distressed state.

Anu will get to know about their growing insecurities towards their family members. This will strike her and also act as an inspiration to open an old-age house.

Anuj decided to take Anu back with him. However, she will not return because of Aadhya. She knows that Aadhya doesn’t want them to reunite. Anuj will be devasted due to Anu’s decision to leave him once again. It will only worsen his mental health.

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