Anupamaa plot twist: Anuj gets to know about Shruti’s ill plans against Anu- Here’s what we know   

Rupali Ganguly starrer Anupamaa is becoming  the star of television. Anu fled to America to pursue her dreams, however it came to a downfall. Her career as a chef was ruined and all thanks to Shruti, who was behind this fiasco. She was the one who paid the food critic Mrs Smith to spread a word about Spice and Chutney restaurant.

Anupamaa got to know that Shruti was behind all of this. She even conforted her and called her a darpok for pulling out such cheap tricks. Anu is in India now, for  Dimpy and Titu’s wedding. She has a conversation with Yashdeep about Shruti. Yashdeep asks why she has hidden this  thing and suggested that Shruti should be punished for her doing.


However, Anu is of the opinion that revealing the truth would only make situation worse for Anuj and Aadhya. She doesn’t want the both of them to suffer. But this is when Anuj overhears their conversation. He gets to know that it was Shruti who ruined Anupamaa’s professional career.

Meanwhile, everyone is busy making preparations for Dimpy and Titu’s wedding. That’s when Anuj calls out for Shruti. It will be interesting to witness how Anuj will react to everything. Will he call off his marriage with Shruti and break ties with her? Or will lead to something more drastic.

On the hand, Vanraj is plotting agaisnt Titu and thinking of ways to ruin the wedding. He knows about the latter’s truth and is keen on revealing his secret.