Anupamaa Episode Update: Shruti questions Anuj about getting back with Anu

Episode Update: February 17, 2024.

Anuj is viewing a film about Anupama and his marriage. Shruti approaches and asks whether he wants to return to Anupama. She says I didn’t plan to start like this, but I knew you wouldn’t have slept, so I came. She asks him to respond honestly and not to worry about hurting her feelings. She asks whether you want to go back to Anupama.

Anupama believes Shruti’s voice indicated that she had sobbed a lot. She claims she could not deny her. Anuj claims I didn’t know. I had not considered this. He states that after she left Choti and me, I intended to meet her and confront her, but I never thought to finish our story. He says he doesn’t have the answer to her question and says that whatever Kanha Ji has decided will happen. He asks Shruti if she wants to say something.


Vanraj’s supervisor says the cuisine is good. Mahi claims Papa’s boss will give him high ratings now. The boss reveals that they have engaged a celebrity for their project, who is…Tapish comes over and greets everyone. The kids run towards him. Tapish engages with them. Vanraj informs his supervisor that he will be back. His employer stops him and asks Tapish to come inside. He informs Vanraj that Tapish is the brand ambassador for their company and that he is a social media sensation. He claims Tapish informed him that he knew them. Pakhi smiles, while Dimpy becomes tense. Vanraj is upset.

Anuj asks Shruti to say whatever she wants to say. Shruti says I want to say something, but I couldn’t. She asks if, if Anupama forwards her hand towards you, you will hold her hand.

The boss assures Vanraj that there will be no problem because they know each other. Vanraj instructs the children to go inside. Kids refuse. Tapish persuades them to go inside. The boss wants Vanraj to make Tapish happy and mentions that he is now the face of their organisation. He explains that his daughter recommended him. Vanraj warns that your flight may be missed. Babu ji, congratulations to Tapish on his achievements.

Tapish says that if Vanraj sir’s boss hadn’t called him, he would have wanted to come. He urges them to consider and respond to him, hands them a red dupatta, and says he wants to marry Dimpy. Everyone has varying reactions. Tapish glances at Dimpy and departs.

Anuj expresses his love for both Anupama and Aadhya. Shruti interprets this as indicating that you have no affection for me and that whatever you did have was solely due to Aadhya. He says it’s not like that; I like you for everything you’ve done for Aadhya, and I won’t forget it. Shruti claims you stated I like you instead of loving you. She claims that they were only friends from his side, but their relationship grew for her. She wants him to confirm whether he will contact Anupama if Aadhya agrees. Anuj insists that this will not happen since Aadhya’s anger for Anu will never end. Shruti states that once the animosity ends, this will happen. She says, I will try to sleep if I can. He says he wants to talk to her. Shruti says we will talk later; you are not leaving me today. Anuj thinks about what I want. Shruti cries as she goes.

The next day, Anupama is at the restaurant. Yashdeep arrives. Anupama says you arrived early. He inquires as to whether anyone will be coming. Vikram arrives and informs Anupama that there is an order for halwa. Anupama says I’ll make it. Shruti makes her way there.

If they are uncomfortable talking, Yashdeep asks if he can book a table for them at the Japanese restaurant next to his own. Shruti refuses. He asks them to sit outdoors and discuss. They head outside. He makes them sit and promises to send them tea. Shruti asks for coffee. He goes.