Anupamaa episode update: Shruti cancels marriage plans with Anuj

Episode Update: February 19, 2024.

Anupama asks Shruti if she wants to know what she used to do to make Anuj love her. She claims you want to turn like into love and will go above and beyond to ensure he adores you. She argues that while she cannot advise you what to do, she can tell you what not to do. She asks her not to become Anupama and explains that she was running behind her relationships and had forgotten herself.

She asks her not to forget yourself for anyone else. She claims that working hard raises people’s expectations. She claims to have done so much for everyone, yet no one remembers what she did; instead, they remember what she couldn’t accomplish. She says Anuj is nice and says that he will keep her happy.


Dim cries emanated from the kitchen, recalling Pakhi’s comments. Pakhi claims she will not lose Tapish to Dimpy and will retrieve him. She will realise all of her dreams. Dimpy sees Tapish’s message and responds to him. He is shocked. Shruti admits that she did not mean to hurt her and apologises if her remarks caused you pain.

Anupama says she understands. Shruti claims she made a buddy after several days. Anupama says, “I am your friend even now,” and encourages her to leave life’s question paper until later. She claims that while we believe we are correct, we are actually incorrect. She claims it is a matter of your entire life; think and decide. She hugs her and then apologises. She She asks her to take care. Shruti says you should too take care. Yashdeep and Vikram look at them from inside. Shruti leaves.

Titu approaches Dimpy and asks what occurred and why she called him so hurriedly. She mentions Pakhi. Yashdeep thanks Anupama for the spices and wonders how she makes masala for tea. Anupama says, “Whatever you’re trying to do, I can’t do it; I can’t smile, laugh, or cheer up.” She says I’m not getting the masala fragrance and will be OK in time. He offers to package the masala. She says such buddies will be there.

Tapish asks Dimpy if she heard what she said and tells her not to compel him to say anything. He claims she has wounded him. He is about to go. Dimpy gives him a pledge to stop her. Vanraj returns home agitated, stating that he dislikes Tapish and that he now has to meet him. He inquires if he mentioned anything. Kavya replies no, because the youngsters had a violent fight. Vanraj leaves. Pakhi decides to tell him what Tapish said. Kavya feigns a leg sprain in order to stop Pakhi. Vanraj leads her to the room.

Anuj asks Shruti if she went to see Anu, but why? Shruti wonders why you went to meet her to get answers to your questions; I, too, wanted to know.

Yashdeep asks Anupama, “How is the tea?” Anupama says it’s good. She thanks him for caring for her when she was sick and for being there when she needed a friend. He also thanks her for becoming his mother’s daughter, for coming into his life, and for the spice and chutney.

Shruti expresses her desire to meet her; there was a storm in her, and she wanted to know if Anupama still loved him. Anuj responds, “I know this answer very well,” and asks if she received her answers. She nods in agreement. Anuj says so…Shruti says let’s cancel this marriage and adds that love and marriage happen between two hearts, but there are two persons, not two hearts, as his heart is with Anupama.

Anuj claims that I got engaged to you for Aadhya and will marry you for her. Shruti claims that marriage does not happen out of helplessness and that she called her parents and manufactured an explanation about their marriage being postponed owing to job commitments. She says she’ll annul the marriage later. Anuj claims you met Anu and made the important decision. Shruti claims she has decided not to stay here. Yashdeep gives Anupama money in an envelope and tells her it is her hard-earned money.