Anupamaa Episode Update: Intense drama unfolds as Anuj, Anu and Aadhya get into a massive argument

Anupamaa show is buzzed around all over the internet. The show is receiving immense attention with its new series of plot twists. As Anupamaa has separated from Anuj, the latter lives with Aadhya now. However, destiny has other plans for Anuj and Anu as their lives are intertwined at the hands of fate. The upcoming episodes will be filled with intense drama as Aadhya confronts her hatred for Anupamaa.

In the upcoming episode, we will get to witness Anupamaa arriving at Anuj’s residence. When Aadhya sees her, she gets angry and automatically thinks that Anu has come to their place to reconcile with her father. Without much thought, Aadhya gets rude to Anupamaa and warns her to get out of her house. Anupamaa would be startled by Aadhya’s reaction and would find it difficult to defend herself.


We will see Anuj coming to Anupamaa’s rescue as he scolds Aadhya for being rude to her mother. Anuj stops Aadhya from continuing her behaviour and asks her to apologize to Anupamaa. Aadhya refuses to apologize to Anupamaa and states that she is not her mother. Aadhya says that Shru is her mother and will remain forever.

After she meets with Aadhya, Anupamaa is shattered completely. She hugs biji and sobs heavily. It is then that Anu makes a statement saying that the relations she cares about the most are the ones that hurt also. She remarks that the family that she left behind in India is now being confronted by her in the US.

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