Anupamaa Episode Update: Anu argues with Aadhya, says she is not interested in her papa Anuj Kapadia

Anu, played by Rupali Ganguly, arrived just in time to save her daughter Choti, also known as Aadhya, played by Aura Bhatnagar. Aadhya is taken to Anu’s place of employment, the restaurant. After what occurred to her, Adhya is in disbelief. Even though Anu saves her life and gets him back home safely, Aadhya loses her cool and slaps Anu, calling her Choti.

Aadhya persists in lecturing Anupamaa about interfering with their lives and begs her to keep them out of them. Anu chastises Aadhya for her rudeness and attitude, telling her that she would not put up with her badtameezi any longer.


Anupamaa informs Aadhya that while it’s okay if she doesn’t want to speak with him, she won’t put up with her impolite behaviour. She goes on to say that he has no connection to her father, Anuj Kapadia (Gaurav Khanna), or his fiancée, Shruti (Sukriti Kandpal).

Adhya remains silent and keeps listening to her. When Anuj arrived, he was overjoyed to discover that Aadhya was safe and sound.

Anu requests that Anuj take his daughter away and assure her that she shouldn’t be allowed to cause trouble for anyone. Anuj knows that Aadhya must have spoken impolitely again, which is why Anu is acting in this manner. After bringing Aadhya home, Anuj informs Shruti that Aadhya is a good person and that she should stay in the house with them because she is also a good person.