Anupamaa Episode Update: Aadhya falls apart as Shruti leaves

Episode Update: February 21, 2024.

Anuj asks Shruti, “Can’t we stay friends like we used to?” Shruti claims I would have stayed if we were just friends, but what about our sentiments and emotions? Aadhya approaches and inquires about the situation. Shruti claims she’s leaving the house. Aadhya wonders if this is because of Anupama. She tells her that she has a mother in her, that she is her sole mother, and that she has cared for her as a mother for four years. Anuj agrees with Aadhya; you have become a vital part of our lives. Shruti informs him that she must leave and addresses him as Anuj. Aadhya wonders how much space has come between them and requests that she not leave. Anuj then asks Shruti not to go, at least for the sake of Aadhya.

Shruti says you didn’t totally support and love me, and she urges him to fully commit to the separation. She promises Aadhya that she will always love her and come for her whenever she is in need, but she will not stay here. She asks her to let go. Aadhya cries. Shruti moves out of the room. Anupama’s comments come to her as she looks at Aadhya and his photo with her. Anupama is restless. Shruti believes she cannot go. She discovers Anupama, Anuj, and Choti’s photos underneath the other photo frame. She believes Anupama was always between us.


Anuj claims I tried a lot, but she didn’t listen. Aadhya and Anuj arrive. Aadhya states the heroine doesn’t leave and returns. Shruti says that the heroine will return, but she was never his heroine. She bids goodbye and departs. Aadhya hugs Anuj and weeps. Shruti leaves. Anupama becomes restless.

Anuj invites Aadhya to come. Aadhya claims she came between us. Anuj claims that everyone has their own place. He says he told Shruti that he still had feelings for Anu. He claims I told her everything.

Aadhya accuses you of betraying my promise. She says they will see her determination now and that she wants Shru back in the house and for their lives to be complete with her. She claims that only Shru will return to our lives, not Anupama. She enters the room and breaks everything in it.

Dimpy thinks of Titu. Vanraj stares at Dimpy and believes something happened yesterday that they are concealing from him. He decides to talk to Babu Ji. Titu sends a message. She responds. Titu is standing outside and believes he will not let her go. Dimpy cleans the house. Pakhi looks at her furiously. Aadhya sobs in her room, claiming she wants Shruti. Vanraj addresses everyone. He is speaking with someone on the phone. Baa and Babu Ji question why you called us. Vanraj urges them to accompany him to America. Anupama arrives at Kinjal’s house and wonders why you called me so quickly. Kinjal claims Anuj Ji has offered Toshu a job. Anupama is horrified.

-Episode Ends-