Anupama Spoiler Alert: Shruti to pass away; Will Anuj & Anupamaa reunite for daughter Aadhya’s well being? READ

A new twist!? Anu and Anuj may reconnect for the well-being of their daughter, Aadhya.

Anupama, helmed by Rupali Ganguly, is one of Star Plus’ most popular shows. Since its beginning, the show has consistently topped the TRP ratings week in and week out.

While Anupama is currently participating in an international cooking competition with the goal of winning it in order to save Yashdeep’s restaurant, ‘Spice and Chutney,’ her personal life is in shambles because Anuj has decided to marry Shruti despite having feelings for her.


The Shahs have now gone to India, leaving Anupama devastated. A gunfight breaks out at Pari and Aadhya’s school, and gangsters keep both girls hostage. Anupamaa and Shruti rush to save the girls, and Anupama saves Pari before Aadhya. Aadhya notices this and is taken aback. In contrast, Shruti is shot while attempting to save Anupamaa.

After Shruti is shot, Aadhya goes utterly silent. Anuj consults doctors about Aadhya’s health. The doctor explains that, while she can begin therapy for Aadhya, her mental health is highly concerning.

She tells Anuj right away that if Aadhya’s mental health does not improve, she could harm herself because she is also struggling with suicidal thoughts. Anuj is extremely devastated by his daughter’s mental state.

On the other side, the doctor notifies Anu and Anuj that Shruti’s health remains critical. However, the doctor reveals that Shruti would never be able to embrace parenthood, which shocks the two even more. Anuj is at a loss for words when it comes to telling Shruti.

According to an Etimes story, Shruti, who is currently hospitalised, is on the verge of death. The doctors will inform Anuj and the others that there is just a slight chance of saving Shruti. Shruti will eventually die, but before she does, she may realise that her actions damaged the lives of Anuj, Aadhya, and Anupama. As a result, she will decide to reunite the three of them before passing away.

While there has been no official confirmation on this track, it will be intriguing to see Anuj, Anupama, and Aadhya reunite on the show.