Anupama spoiler alert: Is it the end of MaAn? Read to find out

Fans of the TV show starring Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna can expect an exciting surprise in the forthcoming episodes. In the most recent episode of Anupamaa, we saw Anu save Aadhya from the goons’ attack. Aadhya had angrily left the house after Shruti expressed her desire to leave them alone after knowing that she was going due to Anu. Aadhya will strike again.

Anupamaa is preparing for a dramatic twist. We have seen Aadhya’s stubbornness. But even after being attacked by the goons, it appears that Aadhya has not learned her lesson. After returning home, Anuj and Shruti will care for Aadhya. Latter would use the chance to ask them to marry.


Aadhya would confirm that Anu does not want anything to do with them. Aadhya questions why they should suffer and begs Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) and Shruti (Sukirti Kandpal) to marry. Anuj and Shruti do their utmost to calm Aadhya down. Anuj informs her that these decisions should be made by elders.

We believe Aadhya will be determined to handle the situation. Since neither Anuj nor Shruti are ready to discuss the wedding, Aadhya will contact Shruti’s parents. In the most recent Anupamaa commercial, we also saw Aadhya excitedly announce that Shruti’s parents are coming to finalise their alliance and wedding date. So, is Aadhya truly behind everything? We’ve seen how adamant she becomes when she wants something. How will Anuj respond to this? Will he marry Shruti under pressure?

Fans have been arguing on social media about Aadhya’s intransigence, which has caused MaAn to split up. Will Aadhya’s attempt to force the wedding on Anuj and Shruti be successful? How would Anu (Rupali Ganguly) react to their wedding announcement? Both Anuj and Anu are clearly missing each other. They are only separated due to Aadhya’s animosity for Anu and Anuj’s assertions that she prefers her other children. On the other hand, Parakh Madan has entered Anupamaa. We shall observe her as Anu’s primary support system.

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