Anupama Episode Update: Titu claims his true love to Dimpy

Episode Update: February 20, 2024.

Anuj apologises to Shruti, saying, “I’ve hurt you, but I don’t know how to stop you.” Shruti claims she is unable to understand what is good and wrong and who is to blame for this. She says she wants to leave him, Aadhya, and this place, and she will not return even if he asks. Anupama informs Yashdeep that the money is a lot. Yashdeep claims to be an army soldier and takes the team with him. He says that if the restaurant is prosperous, the profits will be shared with everyone.

He claims to have given everyone an incentive and a salary, and Vikram assures you that you will receive the incentive. He claims you have not only earned the money but also the relationships. Anupama recalls her visit and informs Yashdeep that this is her first significant income in America. She wonders what to do with this money. He says you have the money and can do whatever you want with it. She thanks him. Yashdeep responds, “I’m with you, Anupama ji.”


Titu tells Dimpy she knows how Pakhi is doing. He says millions of girls love me; should I marry them? He believes it doesn’t matter how Pakhi thinks about him or whether she continues to be his fan. He tells Dimpy he solely loves her. Dimpy looks at him with surprise.

Toshu informs Kinjal about Anuj’s offer. Kinjal informs him that Anuj and Mummy’s relationship is difficult and advises him not to work there. Toshu claims their relationship is gone and asks why he should not take this wonderful opportunity. She tells him that he is no longer related to Anuj and requests that he not complicate their lives.

Toshu compares Mummy and Anuj to heaven and earth; she wears handloom sarees and is a chef, whereas Anuj is The Anuj Kapadia, who has become more classy and wealthy than ever before, and he must have a partner as well. Kinjal claims Mummy looks even more gorgeous in a handloom saree and that Anuj wed Mummy six years ago. She claims that certain love stories are forever. Toshu states that he will not turn down a large chance and is not dumb.

Titu tells Dimpy that he loves her, and he knows she loves him back. He encourages her not to strive for greatness and not to consider forsaking her love. He says I kept my love and grief secret because I didn’t want to complicate your life. He claims I told him we’d be friends, but I can’t tolerate it any longer. He claims you have only witnessed my affection and not my rage up to this point. He asks whether I am a gift for your sister-in-law and responds that I am human. He asks whether you can see me with Pakhi and says, “I love you.” Dimpy yells, declares she doesn’t love him, and leaves. He thinks he fell for her goodness, and she doesn’t want to run away from her responsibilities.

Shruti eats chocolate and coughs. Anuj warns her to be cautious and explains that he cannot leave her alone. Shruti claims I was alone while I was with you. Anuj says you didn’t leave my Aadhya while she was in trouble, so how can I leave you alone? He also says we may stay friends.

Yashdeep invites Anupama to the disco to dance. Anupama inquires, “Is it at this age?” She claims her children used to talk about the disco. He says they’ll go on a friend’s date to the disco. Anupama says she understands.

Anuj asks Shruti not to do it and says, “You can’t make a decision right now, so let’s postpone it.” Shruti claims that anytime I told you I loved you, you never responded, and I was repeatedly hurt. She claims the problem isn’t that you don’t love me, but that Anupama has come between us. She says she can’t do anything right now. She claims that one day, Aadhya will forgive her mother, and she will no longer be required. Anupama thanks God for her earnings in dollars. She prays for the happiness of her baa-babu ji, Yashdeep Beeji, as well as Anuj, Aadhya, and Shruti. She says, “I want to see them happy.”

Precap: Anuj enters the room and notices Aadhya missing. He informs Anupama. Vanraj invites Babu Ji to travel to America with him. Aadhya is sitting on a bench when a thug attacks her. Aadhya yells, “Mummy!” Anupama arrives and beats the guy, asking how he can get close to her daughter. Aadhya hugs her, crying.