Anupama episode update 15 February 2024 – Anuj and Shruti decides to keep it all a secret from Aadhya

When Anuj and Shruti return home, they avoid Aadhya, which raises suspicions.

The popular Star Plus serial “Anupama” has moved forward in time, resulting in dramatic changes to the storyline and actors. Fans were left shocked by a sudden twist, when Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) and Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) had a heartbreaking parting.

Tonight’s Anupamaa episode begins with Shruti (Sukirti Kandpal) expressing her conviction in Anuj and Anupama’s enduring love despite their separation. She tells Anuj about her emotions of failure in garnering his devotion and urges him not to be angry at her or Anupama. Anuj recognises Shruti’s feelings and declares his undying love for Anupama.


Shruti queries why Anuj did not fall for her despite their five-year relationship, to which Anuj responds that his heart belongs completely to Anupama. Shruti asks for time to digest her emotions and demands that Anuj leave her alone, pledging not to harm herself. She eventually admits her feelings for Anuj and Aadhya before breaking down.

Anupama thanks Kinjal for her support and insists on leaving. Kinjal convinces her to stay by suggesting someone’s arrival. Yashdeep arrives, providing support and companionship. Anupama blames herself for separating Anuj and Shruti, resulting in an emotional collapse.

Meanwhile, Pakhi wants Vanraj to interfere in a court case involving Adhik, while Leela counsels patience.

Vanraj decides to call Adhik and arrives there. Adhik asks about Vanraj’s motives. Vanraj proposes that Adhik approach Ishani and tells him to settle the court case. He then requests that Adhik sign the NOC.

Anupama decides to stay with Kinjal and Pari until Toshu returns, which makes Pari happy. Yashdeep advises Anupama to take a break if necessary and admires her fortitude.

Anuj and Shruti return home, choosing to avoid Aadhya and keep the facts secret from her. Aadhya feels something is wrong and speculates on Anupama’s involvement. Anupama decides to focus on her career and go forward, while Yashdeep expresses his respect and support. Aadhya tries to get the truth from Shruti, while Anuj reminisces about Anupama.

Anupama bonds with Pari during their time together.

In the upcoming episode, Shruti inquires about Anuj’s intentions towards Anupama, indicating a probable reunion between them. Later, Shruti approaches Anupama and addresses her as “AK/Anuj,” to which Anupama responds that she is “your AK,” meaning that they have a common history. Shruti considers their mutual connection and proposes that Anupama completes Anuj in a way she cannot.