Actress Nia Sharma talks about her success, says, “My struggles in the last 10 years was real.”

Nia Sharma: “We should live in the moment and enjoy our successes too.”

Nia Sharma has been in a celebratory mode over the most recent couple of weeks. In addition to the fact that she had a housewarming party, an 8-hour long pooja, and her birthday celebration that kept going the entire night, however, she has likewise been enjoying amazing views from her new house. She says, “The view from the top is amazing and all I see is the sea and sky. My struggles in the last 10 years were real.”

The actress feels in the difficult times that everybody has experienced since 2020, we should stay positive and enjoy what we have. “It’s the most important thing right now. I haven’t achieved all that I want to but I like my growth and today when I sit here, it feels amazing. I want people to live in the moment and enjoy their successes. We are always running and chasing goals but now is the time to appreciate ourselves and how far we have come,” she philosophises.


Discussing her 10-year venture, Sharma when she began at 21, her goal was never to turn into an actress or come to Mumbai. “I never dreamt that 10 years later in life I would have a house in Mumbai. My goal was to get a job and be an independent working woman. Post Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai happened, my life changed. Every day there was a new thing to deal with, be it the struggle or daily soaps killing me as I shot 30 days a month or shooting non-stop for 40 hours, I did it all. Now I have a respectful working life and professional dealing. I am living a life that I never imagined. I am very happy today. Making my mum happy in life makes me feel I have achieved something in life.”

Her new music video Do Ghoont was a gigantic success and she is overpowered with the reaction as the audience adored her sexy avatar in the energetic track. She says, “It was a trippy number, an iconic song and I am glad I was a part of it. It has worked well and it was fun doing it.” Talking about the appeal of doing music videos as she has done a few in the last year, she says, “Music videos are fun and quirky. I have enjoyed them. I remember after Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai ended, I didn’t have a job for close to 10 months. Things weren’t working out either in terms of money or the quality of a project as everything takes time. There was no ads, no digital collabs, no project and I had not earned a penny. Today, there is so much out there and one can earn through other means and not just acting. I haven’t signed any project yet I am busy every other day. I have digital projects, ads and enjoyable music videos. You wake up every day with some agenda. It is fun to be out there and I am glad that I could a few of them which do well.”