Sunny Leone and Reese Witherspoon – Acing the entrepreneurial world, one business at a time!

Several actresses have gone from breaking barriers on-screen to breaking norms in the world of business, two of such examples are Sunny Leone and Reese Witherspoon. While Sunny belongs from Bollywood and Reese Witherspoon is a popular Hollywood actress, their career trajectories are very similar. Both of them have established themselves as successful actresses in their respective film industries, and have gone on to etch their mark in the entrepreneur world.

Reese Witherspoon launched her own production house called Type A Films, which merged with producer Bruna Papandrea’s Make Movies company in 2012. She later founded Hello Sunshine in 2016 with the intention of telling women-driven stories to “change the way all women are seen in media”. The company was sold in 2021. In May 2015, Witherspoon launched Draper James, a retail brand focusing on fashion and home décor. However, she sold the company and continues to be a board member of the brand.


Sunny Leone, on the other hand, created a storm in the world of beauty by launching ‘Starstruck by Sunny Leone’. She also launched a line of fragrances called Affetto Fragrances. Beyond providing skincare and cosmetics, Sunny’s brand also looks after giving it back to the community. The venture takes pride in its initiatives which aims to counter human trafficking.

Sunny even invested in the wellness brand, Rize Bars, and ventured into the hospitality sector with her maiden restaurant ‘Chica Loca’. Apart from this, the actress has also consistently championed innovation through groundbreaking technical advancements and has cemented her online presence by introducing her own AI replica, establishing herself as the first actress in the Indian industry to have an AI replica. This shows how Sunny Leone is at par with female entrepreneurs across the globe.

On the work front, Sunny Leone is currently hosting the latest season of the reality show ‘Splitsvilla X5’. Her upcoming film ‘Kennedy’, which received a round of applause at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, is yet to release in theatres. Sunny is also collaborating with the National Award-winning director Pampally for an upcoming Malayalam project. She also has ‘Quotation Gang’ in the pipeline.