Who is Gianna Michaels?

Read who is Gianna Michaels? Her biography, net worth, work and popular films.


Gianna Michaels Biography, Height, Age and popular names

Gianna Michaels is a 39 year old American P*rnographic film actor. She was born in Seattle, Washington, USA. Michael is a tall model with a height of 1.78 m.

Her real name is Gianna Michaels, though she was known by two different names in the entertainment world, most people have come to know her better as Becky and Gianna Rossi. These are her names in adult films.

Gianna Michaels Career

She was last seen on big screen in a bilingual movie, Piranha (3D) released in 2010. The actor also appeared in few TV shows.

Gianna Michaels Net Worth

You might not believe it, but according to media reports she has been one of the most searched personalities in the last 20 years.

Gianna Michaels has a net worth of approximately 5 million  US Dollars (39,48,78,750 Indian Rupee).