The Home Coming Concert in New York City’s Central Park was stopped due to the dangerous weather

The New York City Homecoming concert halts amid the approaching Hurricane Henry

As Hurricane Henry approached the Northeast on Saturday, the “Homecoming Concert” in New York City had to be halted.

The performance was interrupted when Manilow began performing “Can’t Smile Without You” as a part of a medley of his hits, the announcement turned the concert into chaos as the audience started seeking shelter leaving the park while the singer continued not realising what was happening.

The announcements addressed the concert-goers to calmly move to the nearest exits and asked them to proceed to areas outside the park.

The concert was meant to commemorate New York City’s recovery from the Corona Virus pandemic but had to be halt halfway due to the hurricane and heavy rain.

The estimated number of people gathered was 60,000 which had to leave the vicinity.

Though there was a moment of optimism but couldn’t resume as the weather didn’t clear, instead it was cancelled completely due to the intensified downpour.

Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, Jennifer Hudson, Carlos Santana, LL Cool J and Andrea Brocelli and many more were featured in the highly promoted mega-concert. Fans across the globe were disappointed over the cancellation of the event and expressed that they couldn’t watch the much-anticipated bands called on the concert.

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