Sushant Singh Rajput’s choreographer friend reveals 7-8 goons with iron rods appeared at his door after his TV testimony about Sushant

Ganesh Hiwarkar, in an interview with Republic TV, revealed that goons with iron rods appeared at his door after his testimony about Sushant.


A lot of colleagues, friends and staff members are seen opening up about Sushant Singh Rajput’s alleged suicide, which has brought various different angles to the case. Recently the late actor’s friend and choreographer Ganesh Hiwarkar in an interview had revealed about a few people visiting Sushant’s house a day before his demise and now, while speaking to Republic TV he said how 7-8 people reached at his door with iron rods after which he immediately called the Police.

Hiwarkar said he dialed 100 to complain about the goons, who from outside of his house were threatening him because of his appearance on the TV. On his first call Police allegedly hung up on him and later asked him to file an FIR when Ganesh called for second time.”7-8 people came in front of my door with iron rods, I called the police – they cut my call at first, I called them again and they said ‘file an FIR at the police station”, he said as tweeted by Republic.

Hiwarkar as well as Ankit Acharya who was a part of Sushant’s former staff spilled the truth about how they are not getting any protection after they are giving out statements about actor’s life on TV and are standing up against unidentified bullies and their threats. The case is turning out to be too mysterious day by day. While CBI is looking into the matter, plea of Sushant’s beau Rhea Chakraborty to transfer the caase to Mumbai remains halted.