“Salman Khan is a one-take singer,” mentions Sajid Khan on Pro Music Countdown

With the lockdown gradually lifting and people across the country stepping out into the new normal, Zee TV resumed shoots of its shows and it reconnected its audiences with the journeys of their beloved characters. The channel’s first-of-its-kind music countdown show – ‘Pro Music Countdown,’ which is hosted by Siddharth Kannan, has also made a mega comeback. The non-fiction show presents superhit songs in a never-seen-before chat show format with the hottest Bollywood celebrities getting up close and personal about their career, romance and everything that’s brewing in B-town!

In the upcoming episode of the show, featuring musical maestros – Shaan and Sajid Khan, the audience will get a sneak peek into the journey and life of both the stars. The buddies will not only talk about their college life and struggle, but also make some spicy revelations about their love life as well as their celebrity friends. In fact, during the show, Sajid Khan also made some really interesting revelations about Bollywood superstar and close friend, Salman Khan.

We all know Sajid has worked on several films with Salman Khan, including last year’s Christmas release, Dabangg 3. There were several rumours doing the rounds suggesting how Salman asked Sajid to drop his rendition of Yu Karke and get another singer to sing it. However, quashing the rumours, Sajid said, “No, this is completely false.”

Adding further about his dear friend Sajid Khan said, “Salman considers his work as his playground and he enjoys this game very much. He likes acting, dancing and even singing. See, Salman is a big star, but he has no musical training. However, as a hobby, he sings in a few of his films. To be honest, he is a superstar and if he wants to sing all the six songs in a film, no one would be able to stop him. But he sings only once in a while and just one song in a film, then why shouldn’t we support him? I also would like to add that after singing a song, Salman observes everyone’s reaction and judges if he has sung it properly or not. I remember, once he even asked me, ‘sur aur taal theek tha na? Acha gaya na? Koi has nahi raha na mere pe?’ I said, ‘nahi bhai, bindass gao aap!’”

When Siddharth further questioned if Salman needs several takes to get a song right, Sajid revealed, “If he wants to give another take he will, but otherwise, he won’t give a retake. He is a one-take singer, he sings everything in one go and if he is happy with it, then that’s it. Whichever song he sings, he remembers it well, so you don’t need him to retake, he does it flawlessly.”

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