Rhea's mother says actress needed therapy for what she has been through, 'Someone had to be arrested to satisfy public, Rhea paid the price' | Business Upturn

Rhea’s mother says actress needed therapy for what she has been through, ‘Someone had to be arrested to satisfy public, Rhea paid the price’

Rhea Chakraborty got released on bail on 7th October. Her mother is happy but fears for her daughter’s future.


After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, his girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty was investigated. She was said to be a part of an ‘active drug syndicate’ and got arrested by NCB on 8th September. But the AIIMS report on the death of the actor brought a new twist to the investigation as he was declared to have committed suicide. The actor was released on bail on 7th October, with certain clauses. TOI had a telephonic conversation with the actors’ mother Sandhya, who was quoted saying “There is a God,” as she reached the peak of her emotions.

“Rhea’s father was on the verge of collapse yesterday,” said the mother. “What she has gone through… how will she heal from this? But she is a fighter and she must be strong,” she added. The mother said that the actor has been through a lot. She has been “lynched” by the country and so needs time to recover.“I will have to put her on therapy to help her get over this trauma and reclaim her life. While it’s a relief she’s out of prison, it’s crazy it’s still not over. My son is still behind bars and I’m paranoid about what tomorrow will bring,” she said, thinking about the long legal battle the family has to go through.

The report further quoted the mother being tensed for her husband, the actor’s father. She said “The last time my husband stepped out to meet the ED, he was hounded on his way back. And he’s not the kind to fight back. We panic every time the doorbell rings. We don’t know who it might be. There have been instances of reporters posing as CBI or as a resident of the building to come into our premises. We’ve installed CCTVs outside our door to secure ourselves.”


Even after the whole ordeal, she still maintains the innocence of her children. She further said, “We’re proud of our daughter. She’s maintained her poise and dignity even as she was pushed around, called names, and landed with scratches on her face on way to the ED office. Yet, even after she came home today, she looked at us and said: ‘Why do you look sad, we have to be strong and fight this. But who are we fighting? Someone had to be arrested to satisfy the public, and Rhea paid the price. For loving and taking care of someone who she lost and then dragged through town for it.

Sandhya broke down several times during the conversation. During the past two months, she was battling her own dark thoughts. “I can’t sleep on the bed anymore when my children are suffering in jail. I can’t eat. I wake up in the middle of the night, gripped by a fear of the next thing that could go wrong. My family’s not just been pushed to a corner, it’s been destroyed. At one point I thought the only way to end it was by ending my life. I’m not this kind of person, you know. I’ve sought therapy for myself. Now when these feelings appear, I keep reminding myself I need to be there for my children. They’re going through far worse,” said the mother.

Rhea Chakraborty’s mother, Sandhya, 55, is a former schoolteacher. Her husband and the actor’s father Indrajit Chakraborty, 55, was a surgeon for the armed forces for 24 years before he joined a hospital in Mumbai as administrative head.