Rhea Chakraborty ADMITS drug conversation; She asked drug peddler to be paid Rs 17,000 for 2 bags of weed

Conversation between Rhea Chakraborty and Samuel Miranda leaked; discussion about drugs in code language.


With various developments happening in Sushant Singh Rajput’s case, the recent by Times Now reports have revealed the Whatsapp chats between Rhea Chakraborty and the former house manager of the late actor, Samuel Miranda where they both are discussing about getting drugs in their code language. The same chats were accessed by Times Now in which Miranda said to Rhea , ‘Hi, can you give Dipesh Rs 17,000 for 2 bags of weed? 1 for us & another for him & he will transfer it to us’ to which Rhea replies, ‘Ya, we could.’

This recent revelation has spilled out the secretive chats about getting drugs between Rhea and ‘Sushi Miranda’ through their chats dated on May 1, 2020. While the report has questioned about how and why was Rhea giving out money to buy drugs, another report by Times Now has claimed that Rhea accepted that she had paid Rs.17,000 to a drug peddler for 2 bags of weed via Dipesh and Miranda.

Where at one side CBI is looking after the case, numerous new accusations and speculations are rising which are well worth reshaping the whole case. Various new angles are coming up in the matter, making it murkier day by day. CBI to write to narcotics department to investigate matter from drug’s angle.