Mumbai Police reveals details why Disha Salian’s phone remained ACTIVE even after her death


In a shocking revelation, it has been learnt that celebrity manager Disha Salian’s phone had remained active even after her demise. In fact, calls were made from her mobile phone on 9th, 10th, 15th and 17th of June, Times Now reported.

So, questions were raised as to how Disha’s phone was active even after her death and that if it was seized by the police or not.

As per a report by Mirror Now, police officials have used Disha’s phone in order to check the angle of her death being related to that of Sushant Singh Rajput,

“Disha died on the night of 8th-9th June. We seized her phone at that time. When on 14th June, Sushant died and theories of these two deaths being interconnected surfaced, we, in order to check this angle in detail, to see if there was any truth to any of these theories, called Disha’s fiancee to the Malwani Police Station on 15th June. Her fiancee came and brought her laptop also,” the source told Mirror Now.

Salian was found dead under mysterious conditions on June 8, six days before the ‘Kedarnath’ actor’s death. She committed suicide by jumping off a building, according to the Mumbai Police.