Kangana Ranaut shares a special message for Maharashtra government and BMC on Instagram

Kangana Ranaut hits back at BMC and Maharshtra government reminding them the rules and Act of the constitution


Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut who never fears to hold her thoughts back has always spoken up for unjust which might have landed the actress in many controversies. Earlier she had called Mumbai as ‘Kashmir occupied by Pakistan’ which didn’t go down well with the ruling party of Maharashtra and they demolished her Mumbai office without any warning. The actress landed on 9th September in Mumbai to witness this and later went back to her hometown after 4 days of stay. She has open challenged Uddhav Thackeray and BMC before and has also asked for president rule in Maharashtra as according to her, the government is harrassing people who are speaking against them.

The demolition of her office was brutal and the actress later charged 2 crores as compensation from BMC. On Saturday, Kangana again attacked Maharashtra government and BMC by sharing an Instagram story on her profile. The story contained Municipal Corporation Act of 1888 under Section 351, Municipal Law and Demolition of Structure. It was stated in the act that no demolition structure of a building can be done before sending 15 days notice to the concerned person. She captioned this as, “A special message for Maharashtra government and its pets BMC”.
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BMC has earlier send notice to Bollywood designer Manish Malhotra for illegal construction in his residence after they demolished Kangana’s office.