Kangana Ranaut exposes Drug Parties of Bollywood

Kangana Ranaut lists down drug parties and involvement of cocaine in Bollywood parties. Read to know what she has to say.


Kangana Ranaut who is always vocal about her thoughts has also pledged to cleanse bollywood from all bad deeds. Earlier she had spoken on the dirty politics played by Bollywood mafia to outsiders who come to make their mark in Bollywood. And now after ED has found drug angle in Sushant‘s case, Kangana has lend support to help Narcotics Beurau in busting Bollywood parties where drugs are consumed openly.
During a recent interview with Republic TV, Kangana revealed that parties are organised by Bollywood’s star wives  where drinks and drugs are common, people also indulge in ‘douchebaggery’. The actress also spoke about blind items, “Many government has helped this drug mafia grow. Same Bollywood drug mafia involved, they know each other, same dealers and peddlers involved. Then there is another racket – blind items, where actors has admitted that they consume drugs. These people promote nepotism, many of them do drugs from childhood and then become actors or directors”.

She also detailed down how Bollywood parties go about and said, “Many of these Bollywood actors I dated one of them – they go to a place, start with a drink and then go on with drugs. It all starts with a drink and a roll, and then a pill, then they snort- its a secret sign. These actors move to houses and then they do drugs, debauchery is unimaginable. I have seen how vulgar it becomes and things go out of control at these drug parties. Some of the realities are shown at the recent film, but the truth is white washed. My question is that how can these people be idolized?”

Have a look at her recent tweets:

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