“I was ashamed but had no option,” Sandip Ssingh on releasing his chats with Sushant Singh and his sister

Sandip Ssingh talks about his reason to release the chats with late actor Sushant Singh Rajput and his sister Meetu Singh.


Bollywood producer Sandip Ssingh unveiled his bond and friendship with late actor Sushant Singh Rajput as the latter’s family said that they did not know him and neither did Sandip visit Sushant’s house in past few years. Uncertain death of Sushant Singh Rajput had shocked the nation where almost all of his fans came out to demand justice for him. With Central Bureau of Investigation probing the case, Sandip Ssingh came out in media to talk about a few accusations on him.

Sandip Ssingh claimed that the reason behind him making all the chats public was because his silence was making him fall prey to widespread allegations and criticism. “I was ashamed of releasing on social media my chats with Sushant and Meetu didi. It is the worst thing one could do, but I had no option. I have been silent for so many days, listening to abuses. Who gave people the right to abuse my mother and sister? That is why I got angry and decided to come out and speak. People have written I have connections with Dawood. If that’s true then where is the money? Why am I asking other people to fund my films?,” said Sandip Ssingh to IANS.

Ssingh disclosed his Whatsapp chats with Sushant as well as his sister Meetu Singh on 6th September  through his Instagram handle. Captioning the post he wrote, “Sorry bhai, my silence has broken 20 years of my image and family into pieces. I was unaware that friendship requires a certificate in today’s time. Today I am making our personal chats public, as this is the last resort which proves our equation.”  When questioned about him being present at Sushant’s funeral Sandip said, “Why? Because I did a mistake of going to my friend’s house when I heard the news? And stood by his family when they were in Patna, Chandigarh and the US, and (Sushant’s sister) Meetu didi was alone at home? My mistake was not to think like others who did not come to his house, hospital or funeral? Is it a crime to support his family? In lockdown, in corona I went all out. I am a Bihari, and when we see even a stranger’s body being carried, we offer a shoulder, and Sushant he was my friend.”

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