How COVID-19 has helped celebrity shoutout website explode into stardom

India has been obsessed with all things celebrity. Whether it’s Film Stars, Cricketers, Models or youth icons, fame is all encompassing in our country.  The relationship the public has to its stars and celebrities is personal and ever present.

Celebrity culture is nothing new. It existed from the times Rajesh Khanna came on the scene all the way to Tiger Schroff flexing his muscles in his latest film, War. Social media has given the Indian public amazing access to their favorite celebrities. Bollywish is the new intersection on how this access to social media can be monetized by having celebrities give personalized video greetings to their fans through their innovative and ground breaking platform. This is the foundation of

Founded in 2019, Bollywish is a platform where users pay film stars, cricketers, models and social media influencers to make personalized video messages. Celebrities on the platform—including Rohit Roy, Jazzy B, and yesteryears actress Sheeba—set their own rates, which can range anywhere from Rs. 999 per video to Jazzy B’s fee of Rs. 25,000. The users of the site will give personal information such as names, birthday and some personal details about the user and the stars will tailor the message especially for them.

Celebrity obsession is popular in India and has taken this fascination and coupled it with a platform that provide immediate and personal access. In the old days, people had to find address to their favorite stars, write letters and hope for a response.

Bollywish’s appeal is quite obvious. It’s fun, personal and a fun way to gift a loved one something money can’t usually buy.  Bollywish’s reach is not limited only to Bollywood, but also has celebrities from Punjab, sports atheletes like cricketers, wrestlers and famous people from all walks of life.

“There is nothing like having the winner of Indian Idol sing especially for you”, “We get reaction videos which are the most fun to watch. You see people’s jaws literally drop”

For the celebrities, it’s not always about the money. Actors like to communicate with their fans and be accessible. This is another platform for them to be able to do that. Some actors donate their proceeds from these “shoutouts” to charity.

While the current revenue model for is a split with artists where 75% of the revenue goes to the celebrity, the business model is constantly evolving. Founders of have told us that post-Coronavirus they expect an explosive demand for entertainment. That’s why they are already taking their vast library of celebrities and plan on doing live events not only in India but also around the world. Corporate, brand promotion not only in India but in USA, Canada, Australia and UK are also markets Bollywish is looking at capturing.

In the “old” days you had to know someone who knew someone who had some contact with a celebrity. Bollywish has direct contact which cuts out the middleman in these transactions and goes directly to the stars. Some North American companies have already approached the site for brand promotion and endorsements.

Bollywish expects there to be robust competition in the future but for now are happy with their current success. We treat our celebrities and customers like family. During these difficult COVID-19 times, we realize that family is important. If a star can wish you on your birthday or anniversary and bring a smile to your face, it’s worth the small investment.

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