Chetan Bhagat says, ‘the Sushant I knew was quite, had adorable gullibility’


Writer Chetan Bhagat, who has known SSR for a majority of his career claimed that blind items and news written about him ‘broke’ SSR. Chetan Bhagat felt like the things written about the actor in press broke him. Chetan, who has a book coming out, didn’t mention names.
In an interview with Times Now the writer said, “They broke him the media reports broke him. It mattered to him when they called him a TV actor”. He also revealed that negative press also affected him for a period of time though he was top read writer in the country but developed a sense of maturity after all these years. “When you have allegations that he had done things to women without consent, that is devastating for a man”, he added.
Chetan also said that the blind items and news written about him was read by everybody in the film industry. He questioned why the people writing those items were allowed to continue with writing those news. “The same stars who talk about mental health all day are giving interviews to these filmy journalist”, he said.
Chetan revealed that SSR was fine when he came to his house for birthday party in 2017. He also said that a psychiatrist would be better to comment on the topic of mental illness. But added to that, Sushant he knew was ‘quite’ and had an ‘adorable gullibility’ towards him.