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All you need to know about Teen Wolf season 7

The mystery behind Allison’s reappearance is cleared up in Teen Wolf: The Movie, but the McCall Pack could potentially show up in the future as the universe continues to grow.


After the release of Teen Wolf: The Movie, Teen Wolf’s future appears promising, though perhaps not in the way you might anticipate. With Teen Wolf: The Movie, Jeff Davis returns to the world of the supernatural thriller while reuniting the McCall pack with the MTV television series of the same name. In the film, Scott and several his pack mates visit Beacon Hills to look into a recently discovered threat that is connected to Allison Argent’s puzzling return from the dead. Although Teen Wolf: The Movie comes to a satisfying conclusion, it also lays the foundation for Teen Wolf’s upcoming stories.

Teen Wolf’s cancellation by MTV came as a surprise. The show’s final season was not mentioned when it was initially renewed for season 6 in 2015. Despite this, Davis and MTV execs asserted that the decision to discontinue the show after six years was a consensual one and that they thought it had reached its conclusion. As the Teen Wolf franchise is growing on Paramount+ and the McCall Pack can continue to play a significant role in it moving ahead, opinions seem to have changed five years later.

After the premiere of Paramount+’s Teen Wolf Movie, there aren’t any current formal intentions to make another movie. However, Davis disclosed that there had been negotiations about making additional films in the future during the project’s San Diego Comic-Con 2022 panel. However, there is very little to no likelihood of the Teen Wolf show ever returning in full. In addition to the performers’ commitments to their own careers, Davis and his team are concentrating on growing the franchise in other ways.

Davis had no interest in returning to Teen Wolf for a full season when he agreed to work on the supernatural property. The Teen Wolf Movie resulted from Paramount+’s suggestion to do a TV feature instead, which would have required just as much labour. Nevertheless, Davis pointed out that he had unwittingly produced what was (via CBR) while talking about the movie “They “stuffed a lot into this movie,” which they defined as “essentially season seven all in one movie.” In addition to giving them flashbacks to what the programme was, it was attempting to provide the viewers big moments, humorous moments, and tear-jerking moments.” Moving further with the Beacon Hills-set plot would probably occur as a spin-off instead of a direct continuation due to this and the original cast’s own endeavours.

Several Teen Wolf characters could return for a different project, depending on the tale Paramount+ wants to tell. Scott’s involvement feels practically required if Eli ends up being the main character. In the meantime, Dylan O’Brien’s return as Stiles in the Teen Wolf universe is necessary if the series wants to delve more into Lydia’s sinister dreams. Given their close friendship, Allison and Eveb Scott may work on a future project together. It’s unlikely that there will be a larger gathering of series characters than that witnessed in Teen Wolf: The Movie, though, unless Paramount+ produces another reunion project.