After Jayaraj and Fenix incident, ‘Singam’ director Hari regrets making films that celebrate police!

We were all shuddered to our core when we heard what happened and this time our icons are telling us their stand on the incident as well.

The recent act of police brutality on George Floyd was sadly not the end of its series but the starting of the league where the crime is questioned and public continues to voice it’s opinion until justice is served. The incident that took place in Sathankulam town in Thoothukudi has led to many of our celebrities to step in and voice their anger on the topic. Very recent one to join the brigade was director Hari, the filmmaker behind the blockbuster series Singam and Saamy. Condemning the heinous act committed by the officials on the father sun duo Jeyaraj and Fenix. The Tamil celebrity according to Hindustan Times has quoted the Tamil celeb as saying, “These kinds of incidents should not take place in Tamil Nadu again. Due to a few officers, the whole police department is now tainted. I regret making five films celebrating the police”.

Jayaraj and Fenix were allegedly assaulted and beaten to death in police custody for opening their mobile shop in lockdown hours. Both of them succumbed to their injuries eventually. Their deaths have led to an argument where public is questioning their trust in the police and how too much power can ruin the best of people. The incident has led us to ponder on what we knew for the longest when we used to hear the phrase ” police ke chaakkar mei at pado”

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