Sadak 2 trailer gets a massive thumbs down from the netizens on YouTube, declared most disliked trailer

Netizens were eagerly waiting for the trailer of Sadak 2 to drop in order to hit ‘dislike’ immediately on YouTube. The Mahesh Bhatt film has been slammed for being a ‘nepotistic product’.

In over 4 hours of its release it garnered only 75K likes and a whopping 9 lakh dislikes on YouTube. Netizens have already declared it the ‘most disliked trailer’.

As soon as the trailer released on Wednesday morning, netizens hit the thumbs down icon on YouTube. From the tweets put out by several users, it is clear that they were waiting for the trailer to drop in order to hit ‘dislike’, merit notwithstanding.


A spoof poster of the film also went viral on social media. Titled Sadak Chap 2, the poster features three donkeys standing on a road leading to a mountain. The poster spoofs the original poster of Sadak 2. The spoof poster mentions “Hawas Bhatt Daughter, Star Kid Kapoor and Aatankwadi Dhutt” as the stars of “Sadak Chap 2”, a “Mahawas Bhatt production”.

On Monday the hashtag #UninstallHotstar also trended on Twitter for the whole day as netizens urged everyone to uninstall the OTT app that is all set to premiere Sadak 2.