Indo-Canadian Actress Shreya Patel making her fans crazy on Internet with charming attire

Shreya Patel may announce her debut project in Indian film industry very soon.

Shreya Patel is a famous name in cinema and theatre industry over the years. The Indo-Canadian actress is known for her work in Netflix’s Gran Army, FX’s Miss America and HBO’s Handmaid Tale. We may see this young and very talented actress in Indian film industry too.

Now, some of her photos are making fans crazy on internet. Shreya’s charming attires are glowing the social media all the way. Have a look on some beautiful pictures.


Bizzare Black

Shreya in bizzare black attire with yellow background gives a deadly colour combination. The hair design also matches with the combination.

Candid Shot

In this close and candid shoot, Shreya is looking extremely beautiful. The same colour of eye liner is also very attractive.

Pretty Pink 

Shreya in pretty pink attire with a cool pose having her long hairs in her hand makes it a perfect shot. The matching ear-rings is also looking awesome.

Black and White

Shreya in a sober black coat giving a cool pose, with a black and white filter. The loose hairs also making her attractive.

Sexy Shreya 

Shreya giving a sitting in her black attire and her little opened mouth giving it a complete sexy gesture.

Classy Side Look 

The side view in photography is always candid and attractive. Moreover, her loose hair, black attire with black and white filter makes it a complete classy look.

Ray of Hopes

Shreya sitting in between a round wheel through which ray of lights are passing out. The yellow attire of Shreya is absolutely matching with the theme.

Cool, Casual and Classy 

The photo clearly justifies the 3 Cs of Photography, Cool, Casual and Classy. Also, a thick necklace and a big round ring are very attractive in the picture.

Gorgeous Green

Shreya in a green attire with a flowery design near her neck is quite attractive. The background is also very beautiful having two yellow flower pots and a round mirror.

Lovely Leopard 

Shreya with a leopard print attire, sitting on an wooden box gives her a wild look. Her hard lipstick is making her face more attractive.

Travel Mood

Waiting on a street with a bag on shoulder gives her a complete travel vibe. The cap on her head and the print on her bag is really charming.

The Performer

Shreya giving pose on stage with a band in her background is a real candid shot. The attire is also too classy by that white gown lowering down to the surface.

Royal Look

Shreya in a contemporary attire with a dark greenery background. The white and yellow attire against a dark background is a deadly combination.

Pearl Princess

Shreya in a complete white princess outfit gives her a glamourous look. The light blue flowers near her exactly matches the the background. Her highlighted hairs with a decorative band on her forehead gives a charming look.

Royal Red Lehanga

Shreya in a royal look with her red lehanga and decorative jewellery. Shreya’s smiling face and the white background is matching to the theme.

Shinny and Beautiful