Pete Davidson will not be making his comeback to Saturday Night Live due to writers’ strike

“SNL will air repeats until further notice starting Saturday, 6 May,” NBC said in a statement.

On Tuesday, NBC announced the cancellation of Saturday’s broadcast, in which Pete Davidson was set to make his hosting debut alongside musical guest Lil Uzi Vert. Davidson will not be returning to Saturday Night Live as soon as expected because of the writer’s strike.

After eight seasons on SNL, news of Davidson’s exit from the long-running comedy show surfaced in May. Several of his co-stars, including Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Chris Redd, and Kyle Mooney, also left before the end of season 8.


The Staten Island native remarked on Instagram at the time, “I owe Lorne Michaels and everyone at SNL my life.”

Davidson said that he is so grateful and wouldn’t be there without them. He appreciated the team for always having his back and sticking up for him. He thanked everyone for always believing in him and sticking by his side, even when it seemed comical, and for teaching him life values, how to grow up, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Longtime cast member Kenan Thompson shared what fans may expect from his upcoming return. He said to Davidson that it would be a week off for them because they knew how to do the show.It’s like a week off for them because they know how to do the show and they don’t have to hand-walk them through every single part of it. They come with ideas too, so a quarter of the show is almost already done. It’s just going to be a fun, easy week for them.

Writers have gone on strike six times in the past. The most recent strike occurred in 2007-08 and was resolved after three months.Many other late-night shows in America have also been cancelled as a result of the strike.