Zara Larrson to star alongside Edvin Ryding and Felicia Maxime in the movie 'A Part of You' on Netflix - Deets inside | Business Upturn

Zara Larrson to star alongside Edvin Ryding and Felicia Maxime in the movie ‘A Part of You’ on Netflix – Deets inside

Netflix has confirmed the Swedish youth drama movie “A Part of You” will star Zara Larrson alongside Edvin Ryding, and Felicia Maxime from “Young Royals.”

‘A Part of You’ depicts the experience of being 17 years old and thinking that your heart is about to explode from the inside out through a story of both life and death. Agnes’ elder sister Julia is everything Agnes aspires to be. She is the life of the party, the coolest kid in school, and she’s seeing Noel. It would be nice if Agnes were more like her. Agnes’ world is turned upside down when the worst thing that could happen does, and she is forced to start over.

The story’s author, Michaela Hamilton, has a very personal connection to it. She has went through worst after the death of her 19-year-old brother seven years ago. Hamilton quoted, “This story is deeply personal to me, as I lost my 19-year-old brother in an accident seven years ago. I felt compelled to write about both sides of loss—the immense pain of it but also the love and hope that can emerge in the process. I’m honored to have this fantastic team bringing this script to life, and to be able to share it with a global audience on Netflix is truly a dream come true.”

Most people are familiar with Edvin Ryding and Felicia Maxime from their roles in the popular Swedish drama “Young Royals.” Felicia Maxime plays Sara, an intimate friend of the prince who was portrayed by Edvin Ryding as Prince Wilhelm.

The movie’s screenplay was written by Michaela Hamilton, and it is directed by renowned author and podcast presenter Sigge Eklund. The executive producer is Tim King. The movie will start its filming in Sweden. The movie will be available from 2024 on Netflix.