‘White Men Can’t Jump’: To release in May, confirms release on THIS date

White Men Can’t Jump, a Hulu original production, will release on May 19, 2023.

Its production has been managed by 20th Century Studios. Considering the fact that this remake has been discussed for some time, it took over six years to finish.


The first trailer for the next film was released recently by 20th Century Studios. In the first clip, Harlow and Walls are shown convincingly playing their respective characters as they dispute on who is the best director working today.

An fascinating sports film should arise from a focus on casting basketball-savvy actors, especially if Harlow and Walls can achieve the chemistry and comedic timing that Snipes and Harrelson have mastered.Sinqua Walls will take on the role of Kamal Allen.

Jeremy will be portrayed by Jack Harlow. The film will also have Teyana Taylor Laura Harrier ,Vince Staples,Myles Bullock, Lance Reddick,TameraKissen, Zak Steiner, Andrew Schulz.

White Men Can’t Jump is directed by Ron Shelton and marks Harlow’s acting debut. The film is based on the original film of the same name released in 1992.The fascinating clip also shows the rapper-turned-actor thoroughly engaged in the character, with what appears to be an incredible first performance. Aside from Harlow, the trailer also teases the emerging “frenemy” and the argument that proves to be the cherry on the cake.

The tale of the intended remake of “White Men Can’t Jump” appears to be fairly similar to that of the original 1992 movie, which starred Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes.

Jack Harlow plays a talented white basketball player who teams up with another outstanding player, Sinqua Walls, to hustle overlooked opponents.

Instead of being released in theatres, the remake of “White Men Can’t Jump” will be available exclusively on Hulu on May 19, 2023.