Which five Indian Podcasts you would love to listen?

We will present to you the best Indian podcasts one would love to listen.

Nowadays people would prefer listening to narratives rather than investing their time in reading. So now we will share with you the list of the best Indian Podcasts.

Best Indian Podcasts one would listen to


1. The Big Fat Indian Ghotala

This podcast contains a rulebook of good tricks. The podcast is about the scams or frauds which Indians do. They explain scams in all-field from the Indian railways to the cricket matches.

2. Darr Ka Raaz with Dr Phobia

It has 26 episodes with two episodes per week. The podcast narrates about phobias, uncovering hidden secrets, treating patients through hypnosis and past life regression therapy.

3. Love Aaj Kal with Astha and Ankit

This podcast focuses on lighter subjects such as dating apps, emotional violence, domestic violence.

4. Josh Talks

This podcast tells you about successful professionals like IAS, government officers, RJS and small businessmen.