Virgin River Season 5 is not coming to Netflix in June 2023? – Here’s what we know

When will the fifth season of Virgin River release? Will it begin in June 2023?

Let’s first dismiss all the speculation regarding the show’s probable fifth season. Virgin River Season 5’s precise release date has not been announced. Therefore, it is clear that the premiere won’t happen anytime soon, especially not in June 2023. The confusion brought on by the rampant rumours spreading around social media should now be put to rest, and fans can instead pay attention to Netflix’s plan for the upcoming months.


Netflix Tudum recently put an end to rumours about the release date by just stating that the fifth season would debut at some point in the autumn of 2023 without specifying a particular date, which we believe will need some more time to be appropriately acknowledged by the cast and crew. Delighted that the show won’t be taking a vacation this year, we advise viewers to wait patiently until the network confirms such information.

Virgin River Season 5 will probably be released between September 2023 and November 2023.

Fans would be able to binge-watch every new episode as soon as they become accessible, which is planned for the winter streaming season of 2023, within this release window, which is great for the autumn season. Additionally, the Netflix series will air at the same time of 12:00 a.m. (PT) or 3:00 a.m. (ET).

Like the fourth season, the upcoming season is expected to consist of 12 episodes with a runtime of 40 to 48 minutes. All 12 episodes will be released at once, so you can binge as you choose! Most of the episodes’ titles and synopsis have not yet been made public. With the exception of the first, IMDb has made the titles of the three episodes available. These titles provide useful insight regarding the season’s plot as follows:

  • Season 5 Episode 1: TBA – 2023
  • Season 5 Episode 2: Songbird – 2023
  • Season 5 Episode 3: Calculated Risk – 2023
  • Season 5 Episode 4: Never Gonna Be the Same – 2023