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This Fool Season 3: Renewal status still undecided – Know more

In the captivating world of ‘This Fool,’ the bustling Hugs Not Thugs cafe had thrived until the emergence of Guilt Free Cafe stole away its customers. The rivalry between Luis and Julio against their competitors forms the bedrock of this comedic series, and fans have relished every moment of the dramatic showdowns.

With the gripping cliffhanger of the second season’s finale, viewers were left with no doubt: no one messes with our boys! The series is a masterclass in raising genuine points while entertaining, attracting a devoted following. Now, the big question lingers – will there be a “This Fool” Season 3?


First, a nod of appreciation to Chris Estrada, Pat Bishop, Matt Ingebretson, and Jale Weisman for conceiving this endearing series. Their contributions to the show’s ensemble and production have significantly fueled the excitement around “This Fool.”

As the anticipation for a potential Season 3 builds, it’s important to note that Hulu has not officially announced its renewal status. At present, the show remains in a state of neither renewed nor canceled, keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

Considering the possible paths ‘This Fool’ Season 3 could take, let’s start with a compelling reason for its continuation: the impactful conclusion of the second season. The finale left us exhilarated as Luis and Julio rallied against their competitor, Guilt Free Cafe.

The destruction of their cafe had initially pointed fingers at the rival, but the revelation that Minister Payne was behind it, and his subsequent blame of Luis, turned the narrative on its head. Minister Payne’s departure from the scene and the lingering question of his future involvement keeps the door open for his potential return as a guest character.

Turning to the timing of ‘This Fool’ Season 3’s release, a pattern emerges from the previous seasons. The show’s journey began in 2018 with the release of its first season on August 12, 2022. Subsequently, the second season graced screens on July 28, 2023. Notably, both seasons launched within a year of each other, often in the months of July or August. Based on this rhythm, an educated guess places the potential release of “This Fool” Season 3 in July 2024.

However, a caveat emerges in the form of the ongoing writers’ and actors’ strikes in the entertainment industry. The turmoil caused by these strikes has caught the attention of production houses, potentially causing delays in numerous series’ productions and releases. The resolution of these strikes holds the key to unlocking the creative flow, allowing series like “This Fool” to resume their regular production schedules.

In the intricate world of coffee shop rivalry and the comical escapades of Luis and Julio, ‘This Fool’ has established itself as a show with heart and humor. The prospect of a third season holds immense promise, especially after the second season’s explosive conclusion. The series’ ability to blend social commentary with lighthearted entertainment has garnered it a devoted fan base eagerly awaiting news of its renewal. As time unfolds, fans will remain hopeful for the green light to continue the adventure with the dynamic duo.

In conclusion, while the official status of “This Fool” Season 3 remains uncertain, the show’s narrative potential, the unresolved threads of the second season, and its consistent release schedule hint at the possibility of another season. As the industry navigates its challenges, fans of the series can only wait with bated breath, hopeful for the day when Luis and Julio’s coffee-fueled antics return to grace our screens once more.